Gateway Facilities ULC is the premier integrated transportation network on North America’s East Coast. Our geographic location, unique facilities and exceptional customer service combine to provide our clients with an unparalleled strategic link to markets world wide.


Gateway’s 7,000-square-foot refrigerated warehouse is the largest facility of its kind north of Miami. We transport refrigerated cargo with a non-controlled time period of just two minutes between facility and aircraft, ensuring a high survival rate of perishable cargo.

We store cargo in our warehouses at temperatures between 3°C and 20°C; roller-bed trailers are also available to store frozen cargo at -10°C.

In 2015, Gateway moved 9.2 million kg. of cargo. In 2016, that number is expected to reach 12.6 million tons, much of it lobster headed for overseas markets.


Our services

Receive and dispatch cargo  
Buildup/breakdown, storage of ULD’s
7,000 sq. ft. refrigerated cargo space  
Custom bonded warehouse
Weighbridge capability for all ULD’s
Worldwide cargo shipping
10 min to tow gear/product to the apron.
Truck-to-truck, truck-to-aircraft transfer
Secure online services
Bulk cargo
Additional warehousing
Cargo screening
Approved Regulated Agent under the Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program


Our cargo clients include:

Korean Air
Qatar Airways Cargo
Iceland Air
British Airways
Air Canada
Air Transat


Gateway Facilities can provide precise cargo weights and measurements. Our experts plan and execute layouts and loading to ensure the full capacity of the aircraft or vehicle.
We offer secure and reliable service ensuring handling procedures, paperwork or documentation and Airway bills are produced properly and accurately.

Our team’s training includes:
Dangerous Goods Handling and Awareness Cat 6 & 8 certification
Standard First Aid and CPR
Restricted Area Identification Card
Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) machine training
Radio operators license
Airside Vehicle Operator’s permit
Security Awareness
Authorised Cargo Representative Training
Cargo Operations




Cargo/Warehouse Office
Phone: (902) 873-3627