Gateway Facilities and Air Canada Jazz host the annual Search For Santa flight in CYHZ

Gateway Facilities partners with Air Canada Jazz each year to host their Annual "Search for Santa" flight.

We host a small Children's Christmas Party, where the children are provided lunch, treats and fun/games while waiting for their plane ride. The Jazz aircraft taxis to the FBO, where the children board the aircraft to go on a short aerial tour of the area in search of Santa Claus.

When they've found Santa, they land back at Halifax Stanfield and taxi back to the FBO where they get the chance to sit down with Santa and have their own special moment.

It's a wondrous and joyous occasion for staff and volunteers to participate in. The children are often not familiar with aircraft and many have never flown! Their joy and happiness makes it one of the events that Gateway looks forward to each year.

You can watch the video clip from CTV News here: